Are Your Kidneys at 100%?

Are Your Kidneys at 100%?

Your renal system is made of your gallbladder, urinary tract, and, finally, the kidneys. A well-functioning renal system is one of the best ways to have optimal daily wellness!

Due to busy lifestyles, it's pretty easy to overlook your daily wellness. That's why it's important to find a natural, effective way to support your renal function.

Chanca piedra, also known as stone breaker, has many different benefits to offer your renal system, like:

Taking Care of Your Kidneys

Chanca piedra takes on a variety of names: stone breaker, shatter stone, or gale of the wind. This is for a pretty obvious reason: it contains natural compounds that help break down kidney and gallbladder stones! Stone breaker has alkalizing properties that help to break down and prevent more of these stones in the future.

Supporting Natural Internal Cleansing

Impurities in the body can make you feel under the weather and cause slow damage to your organs and bodily systems. A good thing about stone breaker is that it is a natural diuretic, meaning it can help increase urine flow and output! This supports the efficient flushing out of harmful substances, unwanted liquid waste, and excess bodily fluids. 



Staying on Top of Your Uric Acid Levels

A poor diet can cause your uric acid levels to rise, leading to pain and discomfort. This can be caused by your kidneys not functioning properly, meaning they cannot balance your uric acid levels efficiently. Stone breaker helps to improve kidney function, meaning it can help to balance these uric acid levels!

Providing You With Antioxidants  

The metabolic functions of our bodies can cause oxidative stress in your bodily systems, which can damage your organs (especially your heart and liver)! Stone breaker is naturally rich in antioxidants which help to neutralize compounds and protect organs on a cellular level - organs like your heart and liver.


Have you always had trouble swallowing large capsules or taking tinctures that have an unpleasant taste? 

We have made our stone breaker dietary supplement available in great-tasting, chewable gummies — and we were the first to do so.

Each bottle of this nutritional chanca piedra supplement for adults contains 60 delicious gummy bites, which should give you a 30-day supply.

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