Ginseng Tincture - 2 fl.oz. Bottle


"Elevate your wellness with this Ginseng Extract. Feel energetic and ready for anything!"

Still drinking coffee or energy drinks to power yourself up? Indulge in a natural alternative – Red Ginseng drops, ideal to restock energy. Our drops have a 98% absorption rate and are assimilated by the bloodstream in 2-3 minutes!


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  • Replenishes energy for productive days
  • Enhances athletic performance by improving stamina and endurance
  • Boosts the immune system against foreign invaders
  • Increases cognitive clarity and alertness
  • Protects brain cells as a neuroprotector
  • Elevates mood and promotes happiness
Organic Korean Red Ginseng Root (Asian ginseng, Panax ginseng), Certified Organic vegetable glycerin, distilled water.


Shake before using. Add one (1) full squeeze of the dropper bulb to 2 oz. of water or juice, 3 times daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

1 Pump = Approximately 0.7 ml

Serving size:

0.7 ml | Servings: 84

Contains no:

Alcohol, Sugar



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Energizing B-vitamins, iron and magnesium with a 98% absorption rate.

Unlike pills or capsules, our tinctures absorb better and faster in just a few minutes for maximum benefits.

Asian Ginseng Extract Benefits

    Key benefits

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    ELEVATED ENERGY: Indulge in our liquid red ginseng extract and find yourself more active and energized. This potent root, rich in polysaccharides, combats physical fatigue, empowering dynamic living. It also boosts ATP (energy-carrying molecules) production in cells, ramping up energy levels.

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    NATURAL DEFENSE SYSTEM: Ginseng boasts unique anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties, which bolsters your immunity. With its antioxidants and vital vitamins, this natural powerhouse stimulates immune cell production, boosting your defenses against pathogens. An all-around guard for your health!

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    CLEAR COGNITION: W&O panax ginseng liquid extract acts as an age-defying vitamin, as it strengthens brain functions, enhancing memory and mood, and soothing mental fatigue. It also may prevent cognitive declines, and has positive effects to reduce Alzheimer’s symptoms.

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    STAMINA & ENDURANCE AMPLIFIER: Push your physical limits to ignite your workouts. Potent polysaccharides contained in panax ginseng fortify muscular strength, enhancing blood circulation and oxygen delivery to muscles. This all-natural catalyst boosts your endurance and makes workouts a pleasant activity.

    Additional benefits

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    STRESS BUSTER: Imbued with magnesium, our panax ginseng extract supplement encourages higher dopamine production and eases stress. Its ginsenosides elevate GABA levels, cultivating harmonizing mental balance, managing occasional anxiety, and promoting a peaceful existence. Smile bigger, feel happier!

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    CARDIOVASCULAR WELLNESS: These organic drops bolster your cardio health keeping your blood sugar in check, boosting insulin production and sensitivity, and improving blood flow. Heart-friendly nutrients like fiber and chromium improve heart cell function and prevent cardiac-related issues.

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    RADIANT COMPLEXION: Looking for a natural way to get your skin glowing? Ginseng! It enhances blood flow to the skin, rejuvenating and hydrating the skin. The active compounds in ginseng can support collagen production, a protein essential for maintaining skin elasticity.

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    REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Loaded with vitamins, zinc, and iron, our ginseng drops offer a holistic approach to reproductive health both for men and women. These nutrients help alleviate menopause symptoms, improve testosterone production, create hormonal balance, and enhance fertility.

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    RADIANT SKIN: Ginseng is known for its anti-aging effects. It improves skin complexion by promoting cell regeneration and boosting the growth of new skin cells. Our drops stimulate collagen production in the skin's dermis, helping maintain skin firmness and elasticity.

Super Ingredients

Organic Korean Red Ginseng Root
696 mg of Red Ginseng root extract, boasting a unique nutritional profile for a holistic health: ginsenosides and gintonin, carbohydrates, fiber, proteins and vitamins C & B, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus.
Vegetable Glycerin
Our drops are free from sugar thanks to plant-sourced glycerin. It acts as a natural sweetener, enhancing our tincture’s taste qualities with a slight sweet touch. Glycerin also is a natural solvent and a healthier substitute for alcohol.
Distilled Water
We use distilled water as an eco-friendly solvent. This also becomes a healthy replacement for alcohol-based products. It guarantees the herbal extracts are preserved, amplifying the wellness advantages it delivers.

Why Buy Our Korean Ginseng Tincture?

Energize your days with our organic ginseng drops. Our pure formula is free from alcohol and subtly sweetened with glycerin, eliminating the need for any sugar. It effortlessly blends into your preferred drink for an enhanced taste experience. Enjoy up to a 15% discount on a monthly subscription, making well-rounded health within reach.


What is red panax ginseng extract used for?
Renowned for its extensive health benefits, red ginseng amplifies energy levels, fortifies immune functions, and promotes brain health. Women will particularly appreciate adding ginseng extract for skin care. Taken orally, its anti-aging properties shield the skin from damage caused by free radicals, environmental aggressors, and UV exposure, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful glow.
What is the recommended dosage of this ginseng tincture?

We recommend a daily dose of 1 full dropper of our panax ginseng tincture taken three (3) times a day. Follow the steps below:

  • Shake the bottle well.
  • Gently squeeze the dropper bulb to draw the required amount of tincture.
  • Mix the substance with at least 4 ounces of water or your favorite drink – coffee, smoothie or tea. Our drops are naturally sweet due to glycerin, and they can enhance your beverage with a tender taste.
  • Sip and relish!

Consistent use over a three-month period is also advised for optimum benefits. This duration allows the tincture to profoundly and sustainably impact your health, ensuring you unlock the tincture's full potential.

What are the special advantages of tinctures compared to other supplement forms?

Tinctures stand out for their unique advantages when compared to pills or capsules:

  • Due to their liquid nature, tinctures enable swift absorption in just 2-3 minutes, efficiently delivering potent compounds directly to your body, bypassing the need for digestion.
  • Owing to their excellent bioavailability, a remarkable 98% of our tincture gets absorbed, significantly outshining standard tablets, thereby guaranteeing you all the maximum benefits.
  • Our tincture, which is free from sugar and sweetened with natural glycerin, makes an excellent choice for those keeping a close eye on sugar intake.
  • The longevity of tinctures is enhanced due to the preservative action of glycerin, ensuring the potency of the herbal extracts remains intact over time.
  • With their handy size and easy-to-use packaging, our tinctures seamlessly adapt to your everyday routine, whether you're at home, in the office, or on the move.

How do I store my tincture?
  1. Store the tincture in a cool, dimly lit area, away from direct sunlights. Prolonged exposure to heat and light can gradually degrade its effectiveness. Refrigerator storage is permitted for our tinctures.
  2. Post usage, make sure the cap or dropper top is securely fastened to prevent exposure to air, which can lead to oxidation and compromise the tincture's quality.
  3. Make sure the dropper remains untouched; avoid contact with your mouth or any surfaces to prevent bacteria contaminating the product.